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As a chinese, I didn't know this small game has this name before. But this is truly common when you feel boring. Interesting of this game is the simple idea, not too much situation you should consider.

This iOS game is based on storyboard, and really simple to implement.
Loading Game have two mode you can choose: one player mode--which you play with AI, and two players mode -- which you play with the other one.
gamemodechoose firstsecond game The code is partly based on a small project on github.

It is currently build on iOS SDK 8.4.1, cause of the course requirement. Will updated to iOS 9.0.1 very soon after class.

And this game will be continued updated.

This is the github page for this small game:

Update:There are small mistakes on the judgement of the winner, when computer plays first, it always return a wrong answer.

I will fix this ASAP, but as I am busy with another project, so maybe later.

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