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Negative voltage circuit.

When I was working on a image sensor project these days, one of the problems that I encountered was the negative voltage generation.

Like many other sensors, the sensor that I use should have a negative power supply. There are many options to choose.

The one that I choose is the combination of inverting DC/DC converter and the Negative Linear Regulator.

The components I choose is TI TPS6735 and Linear technology LT3090.

You can find the datasheet here:
TPS6735 and LT3090

The idea is simple, use TPS6735 to generate a -5V voltage, and use the LT3090 to generate the exact negative voltage that we want.

TPS6735 Typical circuit

LT3090 Typical circuit

Then it is simple to solve this. I will upload the finished circuit when I finish the whole circuit.

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